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A NY Giants Fan State of Mind

A picture really is worth a thousand words

A Prime Waste of Time.

A typical Giants prime time game is usually nothing short of disaster. It’s inevitable that somehow they will embarrass themselves on national TV and despite their efforts they will find a way to lose. Monday night was no different. The Chiefs are a vulnerable team and can be taken advantage of with right opposing team. For a good portion of the game it seemed like the Giants just might actually come out of this game with a win. But I couldn’t shake that feeling. That sinking feeling that somehow another loss was on the way.

You could argue the game was lost when Joe Judge decided to play for a field goal. As I watched Graham Gano make that field goal I immediately thought “This will bite them in the ass. Giants will lose by 3 now” unfortunately I was not wrong. I also thought to myself "I have seen enough of Joe Judge, Jason Garrett and Dave Gettleman."

If only there was way to get my headset fixed so I wouldn't think I have unlimited timeouts.

I will spare you all from the horrid details of how Joe Judge can’t seem to manage a game or how he apparently thinks there are unlimited time outs. No, we won’t go into detail about Jason Garrett’s play calling from 1947 or how we are all still waiting for Dave Gettleman and his “hog mollies” to show up. Watching this dumpster fire week after week year after year is enough. We don’t need to go into great detail and relive it all either.

Now of course football is a team sport and 100% of blame can’t go to just one person or one play but coaching certainly plays a significant role in a team winning or losing. Coaching also plays a significant role in the team culture and team identity. To say the Giants have no identity is fair but I would argue that they do in fact have an identity.

The Giants are an undisciplined team that can’t stay healthy. They can’t execute the game plan and the team mentality as a whole is “play not to lose” well guess what, playing not to lose just ensures a loss every single time. The Giants do have an identity it’s just the worst kind of identity a team can have and that falls squarely on the shoulders of Joe Judge, his coaching staff and apparently his headset. #ComeOnMan

I don't know about you but I was never completely sold on Joe Judge. Any coach that comes from the Bill Belichick coaching tree automatically gets their praises sung and the media seems to buy into said coach immediately. I think we all remember how the Josh McDaniels experiment turned out. The coaching tree you fell from is irrelevant to me. Can you do the job? Can you coach this team up? Can you coach this team to win games? Can you get the team to buy in? In terms of Joe Judge, the answer is a resounding NO every time.


You don’t need to be an expert on football to see what is right in front of your face with the Giants. The fans aren’t stupid and many of us have watched this crap for long enough. It’s the same story every year and nothing ever changes. Every game has looked the same for the past 10 years. There is something wrong with this organization and we all know it goes straight to the top.

Even if ownership decides to pull the trigger and clean house we all know the “Giants way” is to wait until the end of the season because the organization feels they owe it to them. To have them bow out gracefully. And I get it. It is a classy, dignified and respectful way for ownership to let their staff go. It’s just hard to watch how ownership operates sometimes. How can they possibly keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result? #Insanity

All of us at the end of Monday Nights Game

As for the #NYG fans, same story different year. The frustration is palpable and Monday nights game against the Chiefs goes down as another heartbreaking loss in which the catalyst was yet another offsides penalty. I know in that moment we all had flashbacks to that horrible Washington game in week 2 and we knew instantly how this movie would end. Actually, I think we knew once Slayton dropped that pass on 2nd down. The deal was sealed and the Giants prime time meltdown continued to rear it’s ugly head leaving the fans in a state of utter disappointment and disbelief yet again. The sequence of events at the end of the game alone was maddening; taunting penalty, the shank, illegal touch, offsides and the non existent face mask call. Absolutely brutal.

To say the fans are numb is an understatement. A lot of us are so desensitized to the horrible product the Giants put on the field that we don't even bat an eyelash when the Giants predictably shoot themselves in the foot and find a way to lose a game. Because that's what bad and undisciplined teams do. Find ways to lose games. And whether you want to admit it or not that is exactly what this Giants team is. A bad team with another garbage record.

Speaking of garbage, if John Mara is looking for another trash can to knock over, he can start with his own team.

John Mara when he has simply had enough

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Hilarious!! Great read!! Sorry that the NY Giant fans are going through this.

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