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Freaky Fantasy Football Draft Week 15

If you're not sure how The 3rd & 3 Podcast weekly Freaky Fantasy Football Draft works, allow me to explain. Starting from week 1 of the NFL season, Nikki, Damian and Jason pick a QB, RB, WR, TE and Defense. The problem is once you draft a player, you cannot use that player again for the full 18 weeks of the season. For example; if I picked Justin Herbert in week 4, I cannot draft him again for the entire season. So strategy is key! Here's who The 3rd & 3 Podcast crew chose this week after Nikki won weeks 13 and 14. Can she make it a 3-peat?

Nikki - Aaron Rodgers, David Montgomery, Chris Godwin, Tyler Conklin, Packers

Damian - Case Keenum, Sony Michel, A.J. Green, Ricky Seals-Jones, Dolphins

Jason - Matthew Stafford, Antonio Gibson, Chase Claypool, Dallas Goedert, Bills

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