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3rd & 3 Podcast Predictions

Every week on The 3rd & 3 Podcast, Nikki, Damian and Jason make their weekly picks and go up against each other. Each of the co hosts make their picks, usually with an upset or two and they see who has the best record every week after the conclusion of Monday Night Football. Plus they each make 3 locks which factors in to who wins each weeks winner. Here's who they picked for week 14.

Nikki - Steelers, Washington, Titans (Lock), Seahawks (Lock), Chiefs, Saints, Panthers, Ravens, Chargers (Lock), Broncos, Bengals, Bucs, Packers, Rams

Damian - Steelers, Cowboys, Jaguars, Seahawks (Lock), Chiefs (Lock), Saints (Lock), Panthers, Ravens, Chargers, Broncos, Bengals, Bills, Packers, Cardinals

Jason - Vikings, Cowboys, Titans (Lock), Seahawks, Chiefs (Lock), Saints (Lock), Falcons, Ravens, Chargers, Broncos, Bengals, Bucs, Packers, Cardinals

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