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3rd & 3 Podcast - Sports & Entertainment

Damian, Nikki and myself absolutely love doing our live shows on Facebook every Wednesday Night at 7:00 pm est. What makes it even better is when you guys send feedback, questions and opinions during the show as we use as part of the podcast. Other than Wednesday evenings you can catch Damian Adams almost daily doing his individual podcasts along with his best bets of the day and week. Nikki Gist is asked to guest appear on another show every week because of what she brings on the microphone. I myself enjoy doing my solo show "The POWER 32 Podcast" which is predominately an NFL football podcast.

But nothing is better than when The 3rd & 3 Podcast comes together as a whole. We don't rehearse our show, nor go over what each person is going to say and certainly don't create fake arguments and content like some sports shows out there which will remain nameless....."First Take." We know what topics we're going to discuss, for the most part, but we have no idea what the other co host will say and there's always surprises and a lot of laughs. If you haven't tuned in yet, here's an idea of what 3rd & 3 is all about. Something for everyone on our show! Just click below. Hope you enjoy!



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