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Bengals v Chiefs: AFC Championship Preview

Here We Go Again

"See you in the playoffs" - Mahomes to Burrow after week 17

The AFC Championship is set. Bengals v Chiefs. Who could've predicted this? Oh, just Patrick Mahomes when he told Joe Burrow "see you in the playoffs" after the Chiefs week 17 loss. Mahomes knew they would meet again. Who else predicted this? Well, me. Back in the summer. Look, getting a NFL prediction right is hard enough but predicting the Cincinnati Bengals to be in the playoffs and make some real noise ?? That's Braggin' Rights worthy.

You know what else is Braggin Rights worthy? The fact that the Cincinnati Bengals are the only team to beat the Chiefs in the last 12 games. I think if we look back on the season, the set-up for this matchup was always there. If you're surprised that these two teams are meeting for the AFC Championship game then you haven't watched this NFL season closely.

I'm surprised that so many people didn't think the Bengals would make it past the Titans. For the record I did pick the Bengals to win last week and for good reason. My main point was that I thought the Titans would rely too much on Derrick Henry and they did. Probably to their detriment. Case in point? That 4th & 1 call from the Cincinnati 35. Tie game and halfway through the 4th quarter the Titans hand Derrick Henry the ball 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage despite the Bengals lining up 9 in the box! Yes to the decision. No to that play call.

Enough about last week though

The jokes just write themselves

You always hope that the playoffs will produce the top teams fighting for that Super Bowl spot and I think we've got it this year in the AFC and NFC. I'm excited to watch these games but less excited to have to actually pick them. Two high powered offenses that both have a pretty equal secondary? This should be interesting.

Stats, Facts & Nikki's Thoughts (oh boy)

  • Both underdogs this weekend played on Saturday. Teams that play on Saturday getting 1 extra day of rest are 16-8 in the conference title round over the past 12 years

  • Add to that – at least 1 team that played on Sat in the divisional round has won 1 of the conference title games in 14 of the past 16 years

  • This is a very long way of saying its highly unlikely both the Chiefs and Rams both win

  • 1 extra day of rest means a lot – just think about how you feel on a long holiday weekend ya know? Not having to work on a Monday or something. Makes a difference

  • Bengals are the road team which can be a disadvantage because – more stats here we go

  • In 6 of the past 8 years the home team has won the NFC Championship Game and the AFC has won 7 of the past 8 conference games – the only team to lose in that span? The Chiefs

  • Ahhh yes, the plot thickens

  • Every time I hear that phrase I think of the game Clue

  • Clue is def up there in terms of board games. Monopoly can suck it. It takes 25 years to finish a game and the worst side of you comes out in a heated game of Monopoly

  • ** remembers a couple years ago when I tried to bankrupt my 8 year old niece in a game of Monopoly ** THE WORST SIDES OF OURSEVLES COME OUT

  • Also I should ask the guys if we want to rank the top board games on an upcoming podcast episode

  • So hopefully all those stats have helped me stall because I still don’t really know who I am picking in this game

  • Bengals haven’t been to an AFC Championship game since 1988…..I was 4! Wow. That’s depressing. Time is flying by

  • I def rolled my eyes at my parents when they would say “one day you will understand how fast time goes” jokes on me I guess

  • Bengals have been a laughing stock for a long time now. Seems the Giants have taken that title over recently

  • Vegas has the Bengals as a 7pt underdog

  • Didn’t the Bengals just beat the Chiefs in week 17?

  • Yep, they did. 34-31

  • Joe Burrow threw for 446 yards in that game

  • Rematches are tricky thing

  • Since 2014 there have been 11 AFC or NFC title games that have been rematches. The team that won during the regular season? Yeh. They went 9-2 in title rematches

  • 9-1 if you want take away that game where the refs DIDN’T throw a PI on the Rams when they beat the Saints in Jan 2019

  • This will not be a defensive battle by any means. I fully expect a shootout

  • Will Joe Burrow & Patrick Mahomes both throw for like 500 yards??? Book it!

  • So, both of these offenses are gonna go HAM we know this

  • That means this game is riding on whichever defense plays better

  • Could that be the Bengals defense? They are better against the run and much better at getting sacks

  • Chiefs and Bengals secondary are about even though. Concerning on both sides

  • Honey Badger has a concussion. That’s a huge blow for KC right now

  • KC can overcome a lot though

  • Pat Mahomes can make just about anything happen

  • Whatever Pat Mahomes can’t make happen I’m sure Andy Reid has a play call for it

  • Chiefs bend but hardly ever break

  • Mahomes is one of the best crunch-time QB’s

  • Chiefs get the edge on special teams because they use Hill to return

  • Chiefs get the edge on coaching

  • Joe Mixon

  • This is gonna come down to how many turnovers the Bengals can force and keeping Joe Burrow protected

  • Joe Burrow is gonna torch that KC secondary

  • The Bengals are going to the Super Bowl

CIN 34- KC 31 - Upset City Baby!

When Upset City Comes to Town

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