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Best NFL Trios

The "Three-Headed" monster as we once knew it in the NFL is all but over. We used to mention names like Aikman, Emmitt and Irvin or Peyton, Harrison and Edge. The running back would always be part of the trio when talking about the NFL's best offenses.

Nowadays, in the modern gridiron game we see a lot more passing which means a lot less rushing yards. We also have observed more teams using a two-back system and then you have the 3rd down backs. Given all these variables in todays league, it's easier to pick out the top three players, including the quarterback to come up with our top trios in the NFL.

We could have a QB, WR and another WR. We could have a QB, WR and a TE too! Depending on the team perhaps we see a QB, TE and RB. Then we will see the traditional QB, WR and RB but how many teams have that dynamic left? Let's find out! These rankings are based on individual play and potential of each individual player in each trio.

Geez, who's number one? Where to start? Okay let's try this:

I can't wait to hear the debates about this one!

Courtesy of ClutchPoints

  1. Joe Burrow - Ja'Marr Chase - Joe Mixon

  2. DeShaun Watson - Amari Cooper - Nick Chubb

  3. Tom Brady - Evans/Godwin - Leonard Fournette

  4. Mathew Stafford - Cooper Kupp - Allen Robinson

  5. Derek Carr - DeVante Adams - Josh Jacobs

  6. Justin Herbert - Austin Ekeler - Keenan Allen

  7. Kirk Cousins - Dalvin Cook - Justin Jefferson

  8. Josh Allen - Stephon Diggs - Devin Singletary

  9. Aaron Rodgers - Aaron Jones - Allen Lazard

  10. Jameis Winston - Alvin Kamara - Michael Thomas

  11. Kyler Murray - DeAndre Hopkins - James Connor

  12. Matt Ryan - Jonathan Taylor - Michael Pittman

  13. Patrick Mahomes - JuJu Smith-Schuster - Clyde Edwards-Helaire

  14. Lamar Jackson - J.K. Dobbins - Mark Andrews

  15. Tua Tagovailoa - Tyreek Hill - Jaylen Waddle

  16. Jalen Hurts - A.J. Brown - DeVonta Smith

  17. Ryan Tannehill - Derrick Henry - Robert Woods

  18. Russell Wilson - Jerry Jeudy - Javonte Williams

  19. Dak Prescott - CeeDee Lamb - Ezekiel Elliott

  20. Carson Wentz - Terry McLaurin - Antonio Gibson

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