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Chiefs vs. Steelers: All Hail The Chiefs

No Bye Week? No Problem

And then I do my money dance

If you can't have a bye-week then what's the next best thing? Probably playing the Steelers.

Talk about backing into the playoffs. The Steelers got lucky as the often do. Be it a Pittsburgh bounce or Carson Wentz having a meltdown at the worst time possible time - in the end it just always seems to work out for the Steelers.

Thanks to Carson Wentz we are forced to listen to another week of the “Big Ben possibly retiring tour”. If you listened to the 3rd and 3 Podcast last week I ranted about this so-called retirement. If you are retiring, then just say it. Why is Big Ben dragging this out? Then again whenever the Steelers have a bad game he threatens to retire anyway. Point is, Big Ben has made it very clear that he wants to be a Steeler for life so just announce your retirement already. No one is signing Ben to a 1-year deal and the Steelers need to move on.

But will the Steelers move on from the Wildcard Weekend? Well, if it’s one thing I learned it's that you can never count out Big Ben and Mike Tomlin. And you can’t count out Andy Reid and Pat Mahomes either. What’s a girl to do?

You make a list of your thoughts on the matchup & share it for the world to see. Let’s do it.

Our faces Sunday night while watching this game

What I Know

  • Short of a bye this is a pretty good deal for the Chiefs matchup wise

  • Everyone remembers week 16 between these 2 teams. 36-10 enough said

  • That’s right, the Chiefs didn’t even have Travis Kelce in that week 16 matchup. Oh boy.

  • But I have seen the Steelers pull out miracles more times than I can count

  • I fully expect the Steelers to rally around Big Ben

  • The Chiefs need to be careful not to overlook the Steelers

  • Why is this the Sunday Night game again?

  • The Chiefs are a 12.5pt favorite as of Tuesday night

  • I think the Steelers come out fired up and the Chiefs don’t exactly get going right away

  • Andy Reid will def have some magic plays up his sleeve. He always does and they always work

  • What’s it like to be a fan of a winning team? I can’t remember. It’s been so long since the Giants have had a winning season

  • ** takes break to watch “Manning, lobs it, Burress alone, TD New York” ** proceeds to cry

  • I’m still mad at Plaxico Burress

  • Eli is a HOF’er – I will die on this hill

  • Stay on track Nic

  • Anyway, I think the Chiefs run game will settle it all down after the 1st quarter

  • No one is giving the Steelers a shot in hell. Beware of underestimating the underdogs

  • Steelers rank 21st in scoring points & Big Ben hasn’t thrown for more than 159 yards since week 14

  • Steelers just don’t have the fire power

  • Five Thirty Eight is giving the Steelers a 14% chance to win & ESPN is giving them a 24.1% chance to win. How generous of ESPN

  • I just don’t see how this Steelers defense can keep Mahomes, Hill & Kelce contained

And that’s really what this matchup comes down to. Can you contain the Chiefs and their offense when they get going? Few teams can or even have the potential to. The Steelers? No way. Although I truly believe they think they can. And that’s nice. I also truly believe that when a team rallies around a coach or player amazing things can happen. I know the Steelers will fight like hell to get Ben his last Superbowl and that’s admirable but it won't be enough.

Chiefs 35, Steelers 20

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Great article, agree on the Chiefs winning, disagree on Eli Manning deserving to be in the Pro Football HOF one day

Mi piace
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