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Dancing in the Spotlight

3rd & 3 Podcast Dances into the New year

The 3rd and 3 Podcast is proud to announce that we are embarking on our very first fundraising sponsorship for a dance soloist who is dancing her way to the National Championships this July!

Allow us to introduce you to Ms. Eva Quigley. She is 9 years old and attends dance classes at Spotlight Academy of Dance located in Little Egg Harbor, NJ. Eva just started dancing 1 year ago and has already made the Spotlight Academy of Dance competition team and was offered a competition solo. That is an incredible achievement for a 2nd year dance student! Eva’s competition season starts in February and ends with the National Competition this July in Hershey Park PA.

This fundraiser is particularly close to home for us as Eva is the niece of one of our co-hosts Nikki Gist! As all of us on the 3rd and 3 Podcast are former athletes and coaches we understand how hard fundraising can be so we thought we would try something different and see if our loyal listeners could help Eva out this dance season!

Nikki caught up with Eva for a quick chat about her dance career and any advice she has for shaking off those nerves!

N: What made you want to try dance?

E: When I saw my Aunt Bryanna and cousin Jada on stage it inspired me to try dance

N: Did you try any other sports before trying dance?

E: Yes, I did cheerleading and gymnastics before I started dance and I love doing those things as well

N: Did you love dance right away or did it take some time before you started to love it?

E: Yes, I loved it as soon as I started

N: What is your favorite type of dance?

E: Jazz and Lyrical are my favorite

N: What is the hardest thing you have had to learn in dance so far?

E: The hardest thing I’ve learned and that I am still perfecting is my heel stretch turn

N: How long did it take you to learn your solo routine?

E: I learned my solo in 3 practices which is a total of 1hr and 30min

N: Who choreographed your solo routine?

E: Miss Alex choreographed my routine and she used to dance at Spotlight Academy too

N: Do you get nervous before you go on stage? If so, do you have any tips to help deal with the nerves and stay calm?

E: When I go on stage for my first performance I am very nervous but by the second and third dances I am just so excited to be out on stage dancing. I try to take deep breaths and tell myself everything is ok. I also feel calm when I think of my mom.

N: Do you have a favorite clothing line you like to dance in?

E: I like to dance in Athleta mostly. It is so comfortable and easy to move in

N: How many dance classes do you take and what is your dance schedule like during the week?

E: I take Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Production and my Solo. I have 7 different dances and I dance 4 days a week. On Tuesdays I dance for 3hrs, Wednesdays for 1hr, Thursdays for 3hrs and Saturdays for 1hr. (we are exhausted just listening to this schedule!)

Ok let's do a couple fun questions

N: What is your favorite song?

E: When I Grow Up by the Pussycat Dolls

N: What is your favorite snack?

E: Goldfish (this runs in the family. trust me)

N: What do you want to be when you grow up?

E: Professional Dancer

N: What is your favorite subject in school and why?

E: Art because I love to be creative and draw and paint

N: When you have a day off what do you like to do?

E: I like to play outside and with my toys. I also love to play with my brother and sister

Thanks for chatting with us Eva we know you are very busy lady!

We appreciate any amount you can give to Eva's fundraiser, and we encourage you to share this fundraiser with your family and friends if possible. We look forward to having Eva and her teacher Miss Alex on the show soon and we will be following Eva on her dance journey throughout the year.

You can find Eva’s GoFundMe campaign here

Thank you all for your continued support!

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