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Freaky Fantasy Football Draft

If you're not familair with The Freaky Fantasy Football Draft, allow me to explain. Here's the rules! Damian, Nikki and Jason pick a QB, RB, WR, TE and a Defense on every show. Here's the kicker! Once you draft that player you can no longer draft him again for the entirety of the season. For example if Nikki picked Patrick Mahomes in week 1, she cannot pick him for the rest of the season.

Therefore, The 3rd & 3 squad has to be prepared and think ahead of matchups on the schedule. Nikki, Damian and Jason have all won this season, some more than others but damn, it's a lot of fun and a great competion among our weekly picks along with Bragging Rights and Crow Bites.

Here's what the contestants picked for week 11

Nikki: Mac Jones, A.J. Dillon, CeeDee Lamb, Hunter Henry and The Patriots Defense

Damian: Baker Mayfield, Ezekiel Elliott, Deebo Samuel, Evan Engram and The 49ers Defense

Jason: Ryan Tannehill, Rhomandre Stevenson, Mike Evans, Cole Kmet and The Titans Defense

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