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My Top 20 Wide Receivers in the NFL

Wide receivers are more important in the NFL now than they ever were before. I'd say that's quite evident by the enormous contracts these players are signing. The league began progressing toward a passing game style going back a couple of decades ago. The NFL realized that more points scored and 50 yard bombs for a touchdown correlated directly to fans interest in the game which in turn led to more money in the league's canyon sized wallet.

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The NFL prioritized the passing game and catered the rules to do so. As the quarterback became more of the focal point than ever with the game now revolved around passing the ball, meant that the pass catchers would start to become more involved in the gameplan and more valuable than even the running back.

I remember a time in the NFL where teams would only go shotgun offense on 3rd and long. Now we see it on 1st and 10. Think about the NFL Draft over the past 10 years or so. The WR's are going before the RB's. We can see six or seven receivers taken in the first round as opposed to maybe one running back. It used to be the polar opposite where we saw three or even four RB's go in the top 10 picks.

With all that being said I have compiled another list. Another set of NFL items for me to rank. If you've read my articles before then you know this to be true. I love rankings and the discussions and debates they spark. Let's see what you boys and girls think of my top 20 wide receivers in the NFL today! Your responses is what makes this so much fun!

My Top 20 WR's in the NFL Today

  1. DeVante Adams

  2. DeAndre Hopkins

  3. Tyreek Hill

  4. Stefon Diggs

  5. Cooper Kupp

  6. Deebo Samuel

  7. A.J. Brown

  8. Justin Jefferson

  9. Chris Godwin

  10. Michael Thomas

  11. Ja’Marr Chase

  12. Mike Evans

  13. Odell Beckham Jr.

  14. Keenan Allen

  15. Terry McLaurin

  16. Allen Robinson

  17. Ceedee Lamb

  18. D.K. Metcalf

  19. Tyler Lockett

  20. Amari Cooper

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