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NFL Week 11 Picks

Every week on The 3rd & 3 Podcast Nikki, Damian and Jason make their weekly picks. Usually we're on point with winning records every week. However, these past few weeks has driven sports bettors fits. Last week the Lions and Steelers tied which doesn't help any! Despite the weekly chaotic upsets every week in the NFL, The 3rd & 3 crew has put together their weekly picks as the league tries to define the best from the rest.

courtey of Sporting News

Nikki: Patriots, Saints, Miami LOCK, Panthers, Bills, Browns, 49ers LOCK, Titans LOCK, Packers, Ravens, Bengals, Seahawks, Chiefs, Chargers and Bucs

Damian: Patriots LOCK, Saints, Dolphins, Panthers, Bills, Browns LOCK, 49ers, Titans LOCK, Packers, Ravens, Bengals, Cardinals, Cowboys, Chargers and Bucs

Jason: Patriots, Saints, Jets, Panthers, Bills, Browns, 49ers, Titans LOCK, Vikings, Ravens LOCK, Bengals, Seahawks, Cowboys, Chargers, Bucs LOCK

Let's see which member of 3rd & 3 takes week 11.

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