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POWER 32 - NFL Rankings Week 18

For the first time in the great history of the legendary sport of NFL football; fans, players and alike are looking forward to week 18 in the regular season. I for one, like many others I've conversed with, hate this extra regular season game. Fans of the sport who have been watching religiously for 30+ years have become more old school and traditional and the data proves so as the majority of NFL fans despise the extra game. We all know players don't like it and that's the empathetic perspective I take when looking at this 17 game schedule. The league and the NFLPA have emphasized player safety. Well, it doen't seem safer to play an extra 60 minutes of smash mouth football.

The one good thing that comes from adding a 17th game to the regular season schedule is that it allows for more teams to be involved in the playoff hunt which in turn gives fans more of a reason to watch games later in the season. Having an extra game on the schedule is for lack of a better term, a straight up money grabber for the league, even though the players do receive an extra game check.

This will be the last POWER 32 of the 2021 season and with that, we should have a much clearer picture of which teams will be in the playoff race or the race for the #1 draft spot! Here are your week 18 NFL power rankings.

courtsey of Arrowhead Pride


  1. Packers

  2. Chiefs

  3. Titans

  4. Rams

  5. Bucs

  6. Bengals

  7. Cardinals

  8. Bills

  9. Cowboys

  10. Colts

  11. Patriots

  12. 49ers

  13. Chargers

  14. Eagles

  15. Steelers

  16. Browns

  17. Dolphins

  18. Saints

  19. Ravens

  20. Raiders

  21. Vikings

  22. Falcons

  23. Seahawks

  24. Broncos

  25. Washington

  26. Jets

  27. Bears

  28. Texans

  29. Panthers

  30. Giants

  31. Lions

  32. Jaguars

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