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POWER 32: NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

I'm seeing a lot of parity in the NFL as we reach week 6 on the schedule. Two teams that are not necessarily in that parity category are this Thursday night's matchup between the Washington Commanders and the Chicago Bears. Even so, both teams have stayed competitive in the majority of the games they played so far. And that can be said for most teams in the league right now. Any given Sunday is definitely a relative term a third of the way through the 2022 season.

courtesy of Sporting News

The Eagles, Chiefs and Bills are inarguably the top 3 teams in football, it's just a matter of what order you put them. After the top 3 there's a whole load of teams that can be ranked anywhere between #4 - #12. I'm sure my rankings will differ from yours and arguments can be made for this squad or that. Here's how I see it through five weeks of football.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

  2. Buffalo Bills

  3. Kansas City Chiefs

  4. Dallas Cowboys

  5. San Francisco 49ers

  6. Baltimore Ravens

  7. Los Angeles Chargers

  8. Minnesota Vikings

  9. New York Giants

  10. Cincinnati Bengals

  11. Miami Dolphins

  12. Green Bay Packers

  13. Tampa Bay Bucs

  14. Los Angeles Rams

  15. New York Jets

  16. Cleveland Browns

  17. Tennessee Titans

  18. Indianapolis Colts

  19. New Orleans Saints

  20. New England Patriots

  21. Las Vegas Raiders

  22. Denver Broncos

  23. Pittsburgh Steelers

  24. Seattle Seahawks

  25. Detroit Lions

  26. Arizona Cardinals

  27. Atlanta Falcons

  28. Chicago Bears

  29. Washington Commanders

  30. Jacksonville Jaguars

  31. Houston Texans

  32. Carolina Panthers

written by Jason Feirman aka The Sports Prophet

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