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So Where Will Garoppolo Go?

The best way to encapsulate the title's inquiry will come in the form of a question, Jeopardy Style. A man who seems cool, one who played football in school, where he won a few duels, as scouts thought he was a jewel and on the field he would rule, however over our eyes he pulled the wool, proving he didn't have the tools, playing the NFL and it's fans for a fool? The correct response is "Who is Jimmy Garoppolo."

Watching Jimmy G. play quarterback for the 49ers after five years, one would have to conclude that he's the reason their offense didn't average 30 points a game. San Francisco has offensive weapons everywhere and a very solid offensive line to protect the soon to become former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers.

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Many 49ers fans have been waiting for the day to come when Garoppolo gets traded or released by the Niners organizaion. Die hard 49ers fans know that if he had more talent then San Fran would have won a Super Bowl. Furthermore they wouldn't have given up 3 first round draft picks to move up and select Trey Lance with the third overall pick. Given how quarterback friendly Kyle Shanahan's system is and the fact that Garoppolo can't run it consistently with success is just another factor in the "Go Away Garoppolo" campaign.

The crazy thing is that Jimmy G. will get a job somewhere rather soon and it may be the starting job. If a solid team who needs a quarterback thinks Garoppolo is the answer is unfortunately, sadly mistaken. The 49ers are as stacked a team as you can get in the NFL and while they went to the NFC Conference Championship game, it was despite all of Jimmy's shortcomings. San Francisco 49ers fans know that Garoppolo is holding back the talent level of this offenses potential. If Trey Lance is the right guy for Shanahan's system, then the rest of the league needs to be put on notice.

Some people would argue that Jimmy G. has a winning record as a starter and took the 49ers to the Super Bowl. First of all he didn't take the 49ers to the Super Bowl. He was just along for the ride as they barely allowed him to throw the ball. Jimmy G. is (33 - 14) as a starting quarterback in the NFL. And that's pretty good. But we must consider the teams he has had around him since joining the 49ers franchise. Plus he had been blessed with a great rushing attck and a quarterback friendly offensive scheme that made Nick Mullens look like a Pro Bowl player at times.

Okay possible destinations for Jimmy Garoppolo:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: I keep hearing whispers about Jimmy G. taking over for Big Ben as Mike Tomlin needs a replacement. Although I don't know why they'd want Jimmy?! They're a solid squad and do need a QB, but not that badly.

  • Denver Broncos: I can actually see this happening. Partially because John Elway's track record with signing quarterbacks has been pretty horrific. Other than Peyton Manning, Elway has made multiple mistakes at the QB position which is why the Broncos haven't got back to the post season since Peyton retired. Maybe it would be out of desperation but don't rule out Denver if Rodgers doesn't reunite with new head coach Nathaniel Hackett.

  • Green Bay Packers: If Aaron Rodgers decides to split then would the Cheese-Heads welcome such a significant downgrade at quarterback? Heck no! I don't think they believe Jordan Love is the next guy up either so the Pack will likely be looking at free agents or a possible trade as opposed to getting a rookie quarterback in the 2022 draft. Mike LaFleur, former 49ers OC who worked with Garoppolo for 4 years in San Francisco will let his brother Matt know if Jimmy is worth the risk.

  • Washington Commanders: This one is a possibility because Jimmy G. is probably an upgrade over Taylor Heinecke and the NFC East is still a mediocre division. If the new look Washington Commanders can get their defensive swagger back, then perhaps they can make some noise in their division. Maybe just a little noise!

  • New Orleans Saints: Now that Sean Payton has left the team and the search for a new head coach continues, will weigh heavily in the decision of who the Saints go with under center. They've paid Taysom Hill way too much money and he clearly isn't a starting quarterback. Jameis Winston was playing average before going down for the season. This team has a solid defense and if Michael Thomas comes back the offense should look much better. Let's see if New Orleans thinks Garoppolo is the best quarterback on the market.

  • Tampa Bay Bucs: When Tom Brady announced his retirement, Bucs fans went into panic mode as they have nobody to replace him under center. Some believe the Bucs have a Super Bowl ready team again without a viable quarterback. That's simply not true as Chris Godwin and Rob Gronkowski are likely done in Tampa as are some key defensive players. Plus Antonio Brown quit on the team and had he not then maybe we're talking about the Bucs this week instead of the Rams. Jimmy Garoppolo is not going to be able to step in and provide anything like what Tom Brady did for this franchise. Out of all the teams, I'd be shocked if the Bucs signed him.

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