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Fight Preview: George Kambosos Jr vs Devin Haney

This weekend we have a huge fight in the boxing world as George Kambosos Jr, 20-0, will take on Devin Haney, 27-0, to determine who the undisputed champion is at 135 pounds. Kambosos is the IBF, WBO, and WBA lightweight champion, putting his titles on the line against the WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney. The winner will walk away with all four major belts and will be recognized as "The Man" in the lightweight division. What are the keys to victory for each fighter?

Keys to Winning The Fight for George Kambosos Jr

Photo provided by ABC

Make Haney Claustrophobic

George Kambosos Jr has get to know Devin Haney very well by being on the inside in this fight. If Kambosos wants to win, he needs to stay within smell distance of Haney. The Australian should be able to tell us what deodorant Haney wears after this fight. Kambosos has to make Haney uncomfortable by staying on the inside and muck this fight up. Kambosos will also have to cut the ring off and put Haney against the ropes. He cannot allow Haney move around and stay in the middle of the ring. If Kambosos can make this a phone booth type fight, he has a great chance.

Throw Them Hands

In Haney's last fight against Joseph Diaz, Haney threw between 40-50 punches in eight of the twelve rounds per Compubox numbers. Haney was in control for that entire fight and was fighting at a comfortable pace. Kambosos should try to speed Haney up by throwing more punches. If Kambosos, can maintain a pace of 60-70 punches. It may cause Haney to open himself up to more punishment.

Keys to Winning for Devin Haney

Photo courtesy of DAZN

Stay With The Stick

Devin Haney has the reach advantage in this match-up and has to take advantage of it with his jab. Haney has a 71 inch reach compared to Kambosos reach of 68 inches. In his last bout, Haney threw at least 15 jabs in eight of the twelve rounds against Joseph Diaz Jr. Haney did not land a high number of the jabs but the consistency of that punch constantly being out there, really slowed the punch output of Diaz. Haney should try to do the same to Kambosos.

To The Left, To The Left

Haney should stay in the middle of the ring and circle away from the right hand of Kambosos. Kambosos has great power in that right hand. He was able to catch Teofimo Lopez in the first round of their fight with an overhand right and knock him down. Haney should use his jab and movement away from the right hand to make Kambosos take more chances. If Kambosos, gets anxious and takes more chances, it will give Haney more opportunities to counter punch.


This will be a great fight of two highly skilled boxers. This tactical battle will have high points for both fighters but ultimately the skill and length advantage for Haney will be the difference as he becomes the undisputed lightweight champion by defeating Kambosos via a close unanimous decision.

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