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Jimmy Garoppolo Cleared to Play.....Elsewhere!

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The news was announced today that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is cleared to begin practice with the team. The Niners open up camp on Tuesday, July 26th and Jimmy G. is expected to be there. So what does this mean? It means the 49ers are letting teams know that Garoppolo is ready to play football and is all but fully healed from his shoulder injury. The writing is now on the wall for Garoppolo's future with the 49ers. There is none!

courtesy of MARCA

The 49ers gave Jimmy G. and his representatives permission to seek a trade. Now it is unlikely that he'll be traded anytime soon. Scouts and coaches are going to want to see Garoppolo throw the football before considering making an offer to San Francisco.

There's also the issue of Jimmy's salary and the near $27 million he's due if he remains with the Niners. This most likely means that the Niners are going to have to pay some of that salary with their trading partner as the Browns are with Baker Mayfield in Carolina. On the other hand, if a team trades for Garoppolo and takes on his salary, the organization he goes to can re-work his contract and spread it out over a longer period of time. That is if there is a team that wants to take on the 30 year old quarterback.

The only other option is to flat out cut Garoppolo. The upside is that it will only cost the 49ers about $1.4 million to cut him as Jimmy G is protected under the injury guarantee if he doesn't pass his physical. If Garopplo did pass his physical it would cost the Niners another $6 million. The downside is they would get nothing in return for Garoppolo if released when once upon a time the Niners gave up a 2nd rounder in the trade with the Patriots to acquire Brady's back up.

Then the question arises if the organization wants to keep Garoppolo around even in a back up role? That's a very expensive back up quarterback. However, what if Trey Lance gets injured for the season. Wouldn't it be nice to have a guy step in who knows this offense inside and out. Sounds good but it could be a catch 22 where keeping Jimmy could benefit the team if Lance goes down or plays terrible football. On the other hand having Garoppolo around could potentially disrupt Lance's growth as the starter and leader of this team. Pick your poison!

What teams may want to take a look at Jimmy G. for the 2022 season and possibly beyond?

Cleveland Browns: The Browns are somewhat in quarterback purgatory as the team and DeShaun Watson await a probable suspension and how many games their new QB will miss. The Browns are in win now mode and maybe don't feel like Jacoby Brissett can hold down the fort until Watson makes his debut. Cleveland has $49 million in cap space. That's a lot of money so if any team can afford Jimmy G. it's the Browns and they just may take a shot at him. Cleveland is in no position to waste a season with the talent they have on their roster. If Watson get suspended for the entire season the the Browns may want to strongly consider his services.

Seattle Seahawks: Take it from a 49ers fan.....we don't care if we trade Garoppolo to the division rival Seahawks. In fact we hope it happens! Niner fans aren't scared of Jimmy nor is his own current defense in San Francisco. I'm still trying to figure out why Seattle is even interested? Maybe because the best they have to offer right now is either Drew Lock or Geno Smith. Jimmy Garoppolo may be better than both of them but that isn't saying a whole lot. If the Seahawks make a trade for him it would likely be a one year rental.

New York Giants: You're probably thinking to yourself what in the world is this guy thinking! Well Brian Daboll is the new head coach for the New York Football Giants. He didn't draft Daniel Jones and may have already realized that Danny Dimes isn't worth a nickle. Daboll is a heck of an offensive mind and certainly helped progress Josh Allen along to the stud quarterback he is today. But Josh Allen has more talent in his non throwing hand than Jones could ever dream of. Tyrod Taylor is the Giants back up quarterback and as much as I like Taylor, he's not the answer either. Perhaps Daboll and General Manager Joe Schoen have a different plan in place. Maybe they look at Garoppolo as a guy who went to two NFC title games in four years and was a quarter away from winning the Super Bowl and an interception away from reaching another. I'll tell you now that those Niner teams were more stacked than this years Giants roster which is why Jimmy wasn't asked to do much. If the Giants are banking on a healthy Saquon Barkley where they become a running team than maybe this could work. Jimmy G. does have a winning record as a starting quarterback at (34 - 14). He's thrown 71 touchdowns and 38 interceptions. Not bad but not great. Let's see if the Giants pull off a shocking move!

Where do you think Jimmy G. will play in 2022?

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